Analytical Phase

- Rework

- Examination of past results

- Description input

- Critical value warning

- Confirmation process

- Adding audition

- Analytical phase error analysis

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Post-analytical Phase

- Online access to test results

- Clinician information sharing

- External laboratory integration

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Pre-analytical Phase

- Pre-analytical process tracking

- Request time

- Approval time

- Transfer time

- Pre-analytical error analysis

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Advanced Laboratory Engıne Integratıon (Karmed Transfer V3)

- It is a program that enables transfer of patient results and quality control results from automation system to devices in laboratories.

  • Integration with more than 150 medical devices

Integratıon Standards

  • RS232

  • TCP/IP

  • File Transfer

  • HL7

  • ASTM

The scalable structure allows multiple centers and laboratories connected to this center to operate in the same system. It also connects different laboratories in a center. It can be constructed as both the local and the central laboratory information management system.


With theonline audit system , it is possible to request audit and tracking without a user limit on the web. Audit requests can be viewed simultaneously on the lab screens.

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Barcoded Sample Tracking

Manual audit entry supported by barcode system can be performed processes such as test calculations, partial or total rejection of examinations by technicians, preparation of clinical tracking following the technical approval.

Patient/sample labeling operations are performed using the barcode system. Sample tracking is performed on the samples taken in the services and in the transport systems until they are delivered to the laboratory.

Qualıty Control

Compatible with Westgard rules.

Control results can be obtained automatically from the devices.

Control results can be monitored for the serum or the device.

Statistics can be monitored and reported with Levey-Jennings charts.

Stock Management

- Tracking blood and blood products

- Automatic reduction from inventory after the audit approval

- Automatic increase in stocks in case the approval is revoked

- Reduction in the amount of rework

- Automatic reduction in the number of kits used in quality control processes

- Prescription stock integration

- Minimum inventory value tracking

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